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For in detail info, check my Linkedin profile or download my CV here.

I'm a busy freelance frontend developer based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Thank you very much for your interest. Below I attach some links where you can see a proof of my work.

Please, contact me with interesting ideas. Feel free to ask anything!

Currently working at:

CEO @ INFLUXER Marketing (2016-present)

Online marketing consultancy / Influencer Marketing experts / Online content creator representation

Freelance developer @ HuelamoDev (2015-present)

Freelance Full Stack Web development / Online business consultancy

Projects I've coded for:

MyDeck - Mall-Connect (2017-present)

Technologies: HTML, CSS, SCSS, JS (Vue.js, Node.js, ES6, Webpack)

MyDeck, built by Mall-Connect, is an omni-channel cloud-based marketing platform specifically made for shopping malls. With MyDeck, you only need one platform to power digital and in-mall marketing for an entire portfolio of shopping malls. Delivering websites, native mobile applications, touchscreen software, push notifications via beacons & geofencing; all customized and managed from MyDeck.

Snipperwall (2013-2016)

Technologies: HTML, CSS, SCSS, JS (jQuery, Backbone), PHP (Yii, Laravel), AWS

It is a web application to present social content in different visualisations, interacting with or auto-playing them. It also features a Partner Portal, where you can create and customise your social hub and manage how the content is displayed.


Selly Platform (2013-2016)

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JS (jQuery), ColdFusion, AWS

CMS-like system, where users can receive custom shopping details and information directly from a store owner.

Currently working platforms:

Relevant websites I've coded:

Other projects / miscellaneous: